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If your idea of a vacation is being on a deserted beach, then Capri is not for you. But if your ideal vacation is seeing beautiful people, eat amazing food, drinking the best wine and getting some time in the sun; then Capri is just for you!  If you are already daydreaming of your next summer trip here are our personal tips to the best of Capri.

Capri during the day

Our favorite plan in Capri is renting a “gozzo” (traditional Mediterranean boat) in the port and spending the day exploring the different “grotte” and getting some sun. We usually buy some sandwiches to take with us at DA ALDO a butcher shop (located on the Port).

 If we want to sit down at a restaurant for lunch take the “gozzo” back to the Costiera to some of the beachside restaurants there. It takes around 45 minutes. These are some of our favorites:

Da Adolfo -in Positano

Nerano lo Scoglio - in Massa Lubrense

Conca del Sogno - in Massa Lubrense

If you are looking for a more relaxed plan and gorgeous views these restaurants offer not only the best food but are located on Capris rocky coast. They also offer tanning beds and access to the ocean. (remember there are no cars in carpi so if you choose to walk, it’s a long walk down tons of stairs)

Da Luigi Faraglioni –best view of Capri

La Fontelina

La Cansione del Mare


Capri becomes much more beautiful and intimate as the sun starts to come down and day tourist leave. You can head to “La Piazzetta” (Capris main square) for aperitivo we love Tiberio but there are so many cute little bars to chose from. Here you can relax enjoy the view and people watch as everyone returns home from their beach and boat day.


Capri at night:

After a long day in the sun, you are ready to dress your best and head out to Capris most chic spots.

Da Paolino: is capris most famous restaurant. Known for its beautiful lemon trees Da Paolino is one of Capris most chic spots. The food is not the best but, it is definitely one of Capris must see places.

Aurora: Aurora is fun with a young crowd and good food.

Villa Margherita: traditional, cozy restaurant amazing food and a beautiful terrace (ask to sit outside)

 You can end you night at the local Taverna Anema è Core there is a live band that sings traditional Napolitan music. You have to go at least once.  We LOVE it!!


Make sure you stop at Da Costanzo, it’s an amazing shoe store where you can design your own sandals and they are made in front of you.

Our favorite store is Cathaleia, in Piazzetta its owned by a your trendy woman from Rome which travels the world looking for unique brands, we really LOVE her selection.


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